NBA MVP 2017 – Tableau Analysis

So, just like a lot of you, I was interested in looking at the data for the basketball players this NBA season.

Here’s a bit of a infographic for you (click on the image to launch tableau viz)

NBA Regular Season 2017

The NBA Finals – 2016

Let me start by saying “I like a LeBron a lot”. I think he has been given too much punishment for being arrogant in the past. But, I truly believe he has come around and become a team player that all we all wanted him to be.

So, let’s not dig into the past but enjoy what we have today. No one could have predicted how the NBA finals have gone so far. No one thought the Warriors bench were going to dismantle the Cavs in the first two games. No one thought Cavs would turn around and give Warriors a 30 pt beating in the third. Even, then everyone thought that Cavs would be lucky to stretch it to 5. No one thought Cavs would stretch it to 6 specially when Warriors had the Game 5 at home. Once Cavs did that, no one thought they could do it again and yet they did.

So, here we have it.. The NBA Finals 2016: Game 7.

It has been fun to fun to watch even though the games haven’t been that close.

So, before the finals start tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to see if Warriors have really stepped up against the Cavs in the Finals and it is really interesting to see the Data.


Have a look for your self…


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