My Reflections on the “Scientific Method” podcast

My reflections on how we can use the Scientific Method in the most complex situations

How to leverage the “Scientific Method” to solve real world problems

Kids teach us every day, only if we are willing to listen.
In this episode we will cover what my daughter taught me over the weekend

A great chat with my daughter who teaches me The Scientific Method

What comes to Mind when I say Data?

When we started with discussion about Data, it was sort of like we jumped into Tableau because my kids have seen me use Data in Tableau. So, it felt like we just jumped ahead.
In this episode, we decided to just talk about Data in general.
The discussion led to talking about fairness in decision making and also a bit about presidential elections.
Hope you enjoy this one


Data+Kids: The Interview

This is the beginning of my journey with podcasting.
At the same time, this is the beginning of my kids journey with Tableau.
This interview was recorded on Mar 18, 2020