Generating Data using Tableau Prep

So, if you are like me and somehow, happen to have a few hours with no specific task to do, you get itchy. Itchy to do something with tech. That’s what happened today. I had a few hours and someone recently asked to create some dummy data for a project. So, I said to myself, why don’t I create a Data Generator routine using Tableau Prep Builder?

I know I can look at a lot of online data generators that allow me to create custom data. The big issue is they don’t help me create a good story because there is no signal or an outlier in the data.

Well, worry not. In less than 5 minutes, you can create the dataset that you need with your own liking for your own industry.

So, what do you need

  1. Tableau Prep Builder (Download the .tfl file)
  2. Data Input File (Download excel here)
  3. Tableau Desktop (Download .twb here)

And watch the following video. In less than 5 minutes, you will have some nice data to play with.


Project History Dashboard

This is one of the dashboards in a series of dashboards that we have for Executives


About Data: The dashboard has all the consulting engagements for Lovekesh Babbar over the 15 yrs of consulting work.

Executive Dashboard – State of the Business

You are an executive who wants to see the “State of the Business” at your fingertips.

So, you need a dashboard. Is it too much to ask that you have your data and have it look professional too?

Here’s one that shows your data in an art form


Click on it to see enlarged image

Click here to play with this dashboard

Executive Dashboard – Tablet Mode

Click here for more


Using AngularJS to build your visualization

Recently, someone asked me how I would compare AngularJS as a platform to create visualization vs. Tableau and I mentioned a few things.

Here are some of my documented thoughts

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