Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#29: Encryption Layers

Encryption is an interesting topic. Every time, I say “Encryption” in a meeting, 9 out of 10 people tune out and the one remaining person gets a little too excited. Yup.

Anyway, for that 1 person still reading this, I would just say that encryption matters and most of the time when any encryption is put on top, there is an overhead. Having said that, there used to be a concept where many applications would terminate SSL (a way of encrypting data) at their firewall level since anyone inside the corporate network would be considered safe.

That particular thought process is evolving very quickly. There is now concepts of “Zero Trust Model” which in simple terms means, trust no one and keep checking if the right levels of security/governance is implemented every chance you get.

Which basically means that you can’t do much about turning the encryption on/off at your server and/or machine level (not that I was advising you do that anyway)

But, knowing why such things are there is a useful thing. Because the more informed you are, the better decisions you will make (elsewhere, in this case)

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