Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#28: Data Gravity

Again, one of those topics that you can’t do much about. But, you knew that already. You are still here because you like to learn more and be more informed.

So, on the topics of Data Gravity, the concept simply means that closer you (consumer of analytics) and your application (your analytics server in this case) are to your data (your Data Warehouse), the less of a performance issue you will experience. Think of your request from your browser traveling to your server and then your server basically making a call to the data sources. The less the “# of calls”, the better it is. Also, the less the amount of data your calls are retrieving, the better as well.

If your organization is moving to the cloud (or in the process of doing so), it is important that sometimes these data sources are also moved to the cloud at the same time. You would think its obvious, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. I know, beats me !!

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