Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#27: Network Latency

No too different from the “Data Gravity” topic we discussed here in the sense that we want the amount of time spent in retrieving the data to be minimal. From a network perspective, we don’t our network to be the reason why we are getting performance issues.

This doesn’t happen a lot in my opinion, but it does in certain cases.

Think about your server location. What if you have a central server location in Seattle but then your users are all over the world. Maybe, that works if 90% of your user population is in US but if you are truly serving your customers all over the world. You may need to look into having multiple servers over different geo-locations. You also may want to test how your servers work over VPN? Same applies to when you move to cloud.. so on and so forth.

This really may not be anything your are directly concerned about but if you are bit more informed now than you were before reading the blog, my work here is done 🙂 (at least partially)

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