Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#13: Indexing

Indexing, my old friend.

Yes, I used to do all sort of DB stuff and I had my fun with Indexing. BITMAP, clustering, and all that other techie stuff. I haven’t needed to do that for the last 7 years, which has been great.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that we should have Indexes in the back-end. Now, with the newer key-pair concepts that are now available in Databases (some databases are completely based on this approach), the requirement for your analytical data to be indexed in a organized manner reduces.

You should still know what indexing is. It is having the ability to be able to look up anything easily (yes, just like those index cards in the library) and if we can allow for our Database to have index cards, wouldn’t that make things easier?


This type of task is NEVER going to be something that an analyst will have the option to do. But, being aware of such things makes you more informed. And that means, you can have more informed discussions with your band-end folks. HELP THEM HELP YOU 🙂

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