Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#12: Aggregation Rules

Aggregation Rules allow for you to use the data that you have at your disposal more judiciously. You will still use some of the rules from this post. However, there are more technical rules that can be applied, especially on the data preparation side where you can create multiple aggregates of the same data that provide you different perspectives of your data.

Many will believe that the creation of multiple aggregates is an old strategy and doesn’t always work and I will agree with that. It doesn’t always work.

But, in certain situations (let’s say Marketing Analytics), you might actually have no other option but to utilize this approach although the tools you will use will be different.

BTW, if you haven’t used some of the Data Preparation features with our Tableau Prep, you are missing out big time, especially, the Write to DB features that allow you to write the data back to your analytical DB

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