Tableau Dashboard Performance Series : Tip#15: TOPN

TOPN is an interesting beast. Why?

Well, I see the value of seeing your Top 10 Suppliers and your Top10 Vendors or your Top 10 customers. But, for most large enterprises, I actually don’t think this changes much. In most scenarios, when I have talked to executives, they already know who their Top 10 are. The questions they are often trying to find an answer to is this

“What % of my revenues are coming from my Top % of vendors” as an example. This can often be very different for companies even within the same industry.

So, I ask you to think what is the real question here. Why does that matter for you?

It’s because when implemented TopN, different technologies will implement this technique differently. I know up until I didn’t know what “Context Filters” were in Tableau, I didn’t fully know why Tableau will only return 4 rows when I asked for Top 10 of something. Now, many a times, I am actually not even using the TopN function because it almost requires me to use context filters, which can cause their own issues.

Instead I use lists to create my Top and answer the real Q for my business.

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Lovekesh Babbar

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