Its the time to learn from your children

At this time of the year, many of the conversations with my colleagues and friends revolves around change; changes to your accounts, change to your management, change to your role, there is no dearth of change at this time of the year

Which brings me to how I think we should process the amount of change.

If you got kids (own or in family), remind yourself of the amount of change they go through every single year; New classroom, new teachers, new subjects, new schedule, and sometimes even a new home

They start almost every single year with a blank slate, carrying their learning from previous year and ready for more. And, they deal with it with resilience and vigor. And they trust the process, that they will come out of it wiser and better

And, that’s my advise to you. Time to learn from your children. Embrace the change as an opportunity to learn more. Learn new things, make new friends, and you shall be wiser and better at this time next year

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Lovekesh Babbar

Speaker on topics related to data, analytics and digital transformation