Tableau – Site Level License Quotas

OK, so you have Tableau licenses for your Creators, Explorers and your viewers.

You love having no limitations on the server capacity to serve your analytically minded users.

However, you are not able to easily charge back each BU. Having site level quotas you help you manage that. For now (as recent as 2019.1), Tableau doesn’t support Site level quotas.

Here is a working solution that you can use to administer the site user counts and quotas for now

What does it look like?

Here is an image of the “Site Licenses Report” dashboard

That’s cool, what other functionality does it have

The dashboard allows you to

  • Quickly see how each site is consuming user quotas for each licensing type
  • Switch between a graph view and a data view
  • Filter for a specific site
  • Search for a username to see if the user already exists in other sites

There is also another sheet to quickly show if there are any sites that do not have custom quotas in the excel


How does it work?

The dashboard merges the data from

  • Tableau server repository data that pulls data for each user and their license level for each site
  • Excel with site level quotas for each license type

And what steps do I need to take to deploy this?

  • Download the workbook from the public viz
  • All files are there for you to download (there is a TWBX and an Custom Quota spreadsheet)
  • Make sure that the following two data sources are switched from extract to live. Otherwise, you will not see the latest data
  • Extract the spreadsheet from this share and keep it on a network share
  • Update the spreadsheet with the quotas (currently, the data is made up in the spreadsheet)
  • Edit the workbook to make sure this spreadsheet connection is pointed to a network share that Tableau server can connect to
  • Publish the workbook to the server

(Optional) Setup subscriptions for site admins so they can see just their relevant data

Enjoy and reach out to me via comments or email if you need any help

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