Using AngularJS to build your visualization

Recently, someone asked me how I would compare AngularJS as a platform to create visualization vs. Tableau and I mentioned a few things.

Here are some of my documented thoughts

Comparison Tableau AngularJS
Technology Type Self Service Analytics Platform Language platform to build web apps
Build vs. Buy Buy the platform, build your visuals Build the web apps platform using code
Skills required Drag and drop Development skills
Time to Market Connect to data and build your visuals in under 5 minutes Build the code, implement a web server to demo the viz
Enterprise level features like security Flexibility of logic in database or Tableau using strong concepts like permissions Security features like permissions of objects will typically need to be coded


AngularJS is a great platform but folks who are getting interested in using technologies such as AngularJS or D3 should undersatnd a few key differences as I mentioned above.

AngularJS is more of a coding platform and if the idea is to understand the capabilities of that framework, great. But, if they are comparing it with Tableau, you need to undersatnd that you will lose the self-service analytics experience.

If all you want are visuals to go through the process of gathering requirements and then sending them over to IT, then AngularJS may be considered. If you want self-service analytics, then, this seems like a step backwards.



Also, I did a bit of additional reading on angular JS and found a couple of interesting articles.


  1. Here is one that talks about AngularJS being enterprise ready


The gist of this one is that AngularJS requires very little in terms of plugging into the existing web development platform. If you already have a security setup, angularJS can plug in to it. Which sounds great, yes, but have a read and there are a couple of statements that concern me, like


  1. Making use of these external libraries is as simple as including the code and performing a quick security review to ensure that no additional vulnerabilities are introduced
  2. By using the above information as a base, your organization should easily be able to apply AngularJS to any existing projects in your organization that match the web development paradigm.


These suggest that the onus is on the web development team to ensure that AngularJS needs to be security reviewed.


  1. Here are two articles that talks about building the first web app using angularJS


Have a look and you can see what I mean.


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