I called 911 and here’s what happened

So, a couple of weeks back I was driving over to one of my clients’s office across the bridge.

I crossed over the 84 and I see a household ladder right in the middle of the two lanes. I was easily able to avoid hitting the ladder but thought of calling the 911 and alerting them of the potential hazard.

So, I dialed 911 and here’s how the conversation went

A couple of rings and then,

911: “911, what are you reporting”

Me: Hi, I am driving and I see a ladder….

(interrupting me right away, 911): “Hi, yes, on highway 84?”

Me: “uh, yes”

911: “yes, we are aware of it and are taking care of it as we speak”

Me: “oh, great, then”

911 hangs up.

I think she might have said “Have a good day” or something. But, as soon as she hung up, I was in awe of small little things like GPS that we take for granted that make our lives so much better.

My call including the couple of rings, lasted all of 19 seconds with 911. And that’s what I want from technology, no?

Quick easy transactions for situations where every second matters. right?

Just amazing…

I was thinking about writing about this but never got to it and then I saw this article from our friendly neighbourhood police department

Using a cell phone to dial 911? Here is what happens.

and finally decided to ink this article in.

*Hope you never have to call 911, but if you do, I hope your conversations with them leave you with a same feeling that I had, the one of efficiency”

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