Editing titles to provide more insights in Tableau

So, you have worked on creating a wonderful dashboard for your executives but you want to provide the graphs with some titles so your team can quickly see the numbers too.

Here’s how you might have been doing that for now


But, what about the total numbers?

Yup, you are creating new sheets to do just the metrics. Well, no need, anymore

Here are the tips to add the total of a metric (or metrics for that matter) within the sheet so you can create more insightful dashboards.

  • Open the worksheet
Step 1. Open the sheet
  • Duplicate the field
Step 2: Duplicate the field that you want to show aggregate for
  • Change to Count Distinct
Step 3. change the field to show Count Distinct
Step 4. It will look like this
  • Aggregate the field using TOTAL()
Step 5. Wrap the formula within TOTAL()
  • Change “Compute Using”
Step 6. Change the “Compute Using” to be the dimension that you want to aggregate
  • Insert the field in the title
Step 7. Edit the Title and insert this newly created field
  • A bit of formatting
Step 8. A bit of formatting
Step 9. Final formatting
  • Here’s what the sheet looks like
Step 10. Done 🙂


And once you do this, the final product looks like this



Much better, right?

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