And, just in case you didn’t know, yelling isn’t a form of leading

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who doesn’t know what they can do to be more effective in their role.  As I talked to them over time, I have realized that this is truly a failure of the management in organization that they work for, that is causing this person to feel this way. You can’t keep hoping for results by shaming people.

A lot of organizations run one of these two ways, using the carrot or the stick.

In certain organizations, the management uses the carrot (mostly money and perks) and in some cases, they use the stick (fear, job insecurity, shaming etc.)

But, in my opinion, neither works.

Leading people is not like herding sheep. You don’t need sheep who stay on the path (the company’s mission) because the herder (and the dog) keeps them there.

Get passionate people to work for you and you will see the results. Everything in the middle just fills itself.

And, it’s not just about about hiring passionate people. It’s important for leadership to also realize how to effectively lead people.

And, just in case you didn’t know, yelling isn’t a form of leading


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