Yearning for Learning


If you are like me, or any other typical human being, you hate waiting at a cross walk. In fact, the act of waiting at the cross walk it self can be so frustrating that one ends up doing all sorts of things.

You start clicking on the push button for the walk signal, as if pressing it multiple times is going on summon the “green walking man” faster.

In fact, some have even theorized that there is a series of clicks that gets you “instant walk signal” (only to be de-bunked in one of the episodes of “Hacking the system”)

So, I won’t go into the reasons why it is so frustrating to wait on the signal, or how many interesting concepts have been implemented to make you think you waited shorter than you did, I will point out an interesting article that I recently read on the same –>

So, what has “waiting at the cross-walk” got to do with me today?

Well, I am sort of at my professional cross-walk, having an opportunity to step into a new role.

I am mostly a content person in my personal life but when it comes to professional life, in my most recent years, I have been discontent with what I do. One of the major reasons behind that is I get bored when my learning curve loses its steep curve. 

I have the tendency to learn to quickly and if there isn’t much depth to the task at hand, then I have to look at other avenues to learn more. So, on my professional front, what I currently do has become so second nature to me, that it has become mundane.


In my new role, if all goes well, I will have an opportunity to learn a lot more about concepts that are new to me. I have been thinking about changing role for some time now and now, I can’t wait to step into the new role.

And, that’s why waiting at this cross-walk is really really hard right now.

I am excited that I am sort of reminded of a time from decades ago.

I believe I was 10 or 12 and my mother used to take us to this area in Punjab for a gathering of (let’s just call it “like minded” people who enjoyed fellowship) and me and my sister were in a strange land for weeks at a time. Strange on many levels, people were way more down to earth, helpful, the setting was rural, the concept was fun was playing with marbles, the concept of room sharing was 500 people sharing a big shelter type of room, the concept of food was “hmmm, well delicious is what comes to mind”… All in all, it was very different being there for weeks at times.

I am reminded of the time when I taught myself the “Gurumukhi” script in a few weeks by finding associating patters between “Devanagari” and “Gurumukhi” on road signs since each road sign was written in both languages. Now, that I think about that time, I really think that it was cool. I enjoyed that aspect of learning when I could feel like I was a blank slate and I could teach myself how I thought it was best for me.

So, why am I reminded of that time?

In a lot of ways, I am really excited about stepping into a role where I am not “the expert”. Now, in my new role, I believe I will get to learn so much more. I believe every hour is going to be so much learning, it’s going to be fun. I am excited about the possibilities, I am also wary of all the things I will need for this experience to be fruitful.

So, wish me luck and remind me “patience is a virtue … “

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